AWIN Telco Datafeeds Documentation

Important Notes

  • Field names suffixed with - non-null cannot be null/empty. Your import code can rely on these values always existing and you should report an issue to Affiliate Window if you ever encounter an empty value.

    Note: that a value of 0 could have a specific meaning.

  • Anyone planning to use the JSON fields should not need to absorb any of the fields described in "Standard Fields". The only exceptions are merchant_product_id, merchant_deep_link and last_updated so these should always be ticked along with the fields described in JSON Telco fields when downloading from create-a-feed. All others can remain un-ticked.
  • Field names in the standard schema are in many cases slightly misleading as the schema has to cope with multiple verticals. It's important therefore to read this documentation in order to understand the proper function of each field in the context of the Telco vertical. JSON fields on the other hand are Telco-specific and are more appropriately named.
  • All Telco fields are available in the same schema (group of tick boxes) in create-a-feed, but they're described here separately as "JSON Telco Fields" and "Standard Fields" as their intended use is different.

In general all products will be better described, and in more detail in the JSON Telco fields.

Contact & Support

If you are experiencing difficulties downloading the latest data, interpreting the documentation or think you might have identified a bug or inconsistency in the data, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Publisher Services: